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Are you stranded with a broken-down car? Do you need a truck towed off your property? Whatever car problem you have, Commander Towing, LLC has a solution.

Visit our Towing Services page now to learn what we can do for you. We're available 24/7.

More than just a tow truck company

We pride ourselves on offering more than just your average towing services. No matter what time it is or what kind of vehicle you have, we can:

  • Provide roadside assistance
  • Transport your car to a trusted auto repair shop
  • Perform auto accident cleanups
  • Tow illegally parked cars from your private property
Call 970-825-2799 now for any of our towing services. We'll send a tow truck to your location in the Greeley, CO area right away.

3 reasons why Commander Towing is one of Greeley, Colorado's top towing companies

Commander Towing has years of experience serving the Greeley, Colorado area. Our clients choose us for their towing needs because:

  1. We're fully digital-All of our drivers carry tablets and can handle your paperwork immediately.
  2. We're versatile-We can tow cars of all sizes, and we offer a wide range of services.
  3. We're reliable-Our veteran-owned company has four trucks to provide help when you need it.
To learn more about our services, call today. You'll see why residents of Greeley, CO love Commander Towing.

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